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MarketDraft is a stock market simulation platform designed to provide users with real-life stock market scenarios without the financial risks. The MarketDraft platform provides stock market data and portfolio building education and experience which can be utilized to compete in MarketDraft sponsored or simulation fee based contests to win cash and prizes.

Contest are easy and educational. View the contest(s) in the lobby, pick a free, sponsored, or sim fee-based contest. Choose (7) stocks for your portfolio which you think will perform well from the list of available stocks. Decide how to allocate your $10,000 fake money budget for those stocks. Submit picks and officially join the contest. At the conclusion of each contest's market day, the user(s) with the highest money balance in their portfolio are the winner(s). MarketDraft also offers after-hour contests, multi-day contests, private competitions for you and your friends, as well as stock market simulation tools. MarketDraft is a great way to learn about the market, test your stock picking skills, run private simulations, and have fun while competing for cash and prizes.

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