Legal Notice

Our gameplay is 100% backed by our legal team and has been verified as a safe, responsible, and a legal stock market and crypto simulation platform where you can educate yourself, use your skills to earn real money in our sponsored contests, and be entertained. The SEC places no restriction on educational, entertainment, or non-official speculative securities. Our operation requires no state licensing or regulatory compliance relating to “fantasy sports” nor any type of compliance relating to trading securities or gambling, as the platform operates in a 100% fictitious environment in which no actual stocks, bonds, or securities of any kind are actually traded, nor is any possible leverage in the real market gained by participating on our platform in any way.

Restricted Access

Our platform is currently restricted to United States citizens that are age 18 or older. In order to participate in a paid entry contest, you must be an authorized credit card holder, US citizen with a billing address within the United States, and 18 years of age or older.

You can learn more about our TERMS & CONDITIONS and PRIVACY POLICY as well.

Have other questions? Be sure to check out our FAQ section. You can also reach us via email at Thank you for your consideration.

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