Market Draft

About our Platform

MarketDraft is a stock and cryptocurrency market simulation platform designed to provide users with education, experience, and strategy based on real-life market simulations. Our contests are designed to promote competition and encourage users to utilize accumulated research, experience, and strategy in building their portfolios. Our platform was engineered as an education through gaming platform. We empower our users by helping them:

  • Learn about the Market
  • Discover & Test Trading Theories
  • Identify New Stock & Crypto Tickers
  • Follow Users that Historically Pick Well
  • Have Fun in Skill-Driven Contests
  • Earn Real Money and Prizes
  • Use Tools to Assist with Real Trading

Our Team & Mission

The MarketDraft leadership team is comprised of successful entrepreneurs, trading veterans, and some of the brightest minds in fantasy gaming platforms. Our mission is to help educate people about the stock market while providing a safe, legal, and entertaining way to acquire stock picking and portfolio building skills.

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