How It Works


Step 1: Create an Account

Register for an account. It is fast, free, and easy. Your custom profile will be setup in no time.


Step 2: Optionally Deposit Funds

Some contests require a simulation fee. Deposit funds by following the instructions on the Add Funds page.


Step 3: Enter a Contest

Find a contest to join in the lobby or create your own private contest or market simulation.


Step 4: Make your Selections

Review the stock or crypto options available to you, do your research, and make your picks. Simply choose the stocks or cryptos you think will have the highest gains each day or longer. Think the entire market will go down? Hold on to some your fake cash budget. You can choose to use your in-contest fantasy money as you decide.


Step 5: Watch the Results

Monitor your fantasy portfolios to see how the results progress or finalize. In our Swing Trader Gameplay, the users with the highest portfolio values win when the contest ends. In the race, you can buy and sell towards the goal as you watch the results. Winners take home real cash and prizes.

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