Frequently Asked Questions

What is MarketDraft?

We're a stock market simulation platform designed to provide users with stock market and crypto trading education. We have private simulations, portfolio contests, and other games to help you learn to become a better trader.

How do I play on MarketDraft?

Create a free account, browse contests in the lobby, enter one, spend your fake money budget on stocks or cryptos you think will go up over the stated time, and monitor the results. If your investment picks beat out the competition, you can win free cash and prizes like crypto tokens, tickets, and more.

Are there any restrictions involving who can play on MarketDraft?

To play, you must be a resident of the United States and age 18 or older. See our terms and conditions.

How fast does MarketDraft pay users after a win?

When you win a contest, you earn the prize money almost instantly. As soon as our data provider verifies the stock market is closed and final prices are in, we can calculate the final portfolio-cash values for each user in the contest, and thus, determine winners. Contest winners are then paid automatically to their on-site real money account balance. From there, you can use the funds to join more sim fee based sponsored or free contests or elect to withdraw funds at any time. Most withdrawals are processed within 24-48 hours.

Is MarketDraft legal?

Yes. Our gameplay is legal. We are in compliance with SEC laws regulating the industry and run contests verified as by our legal team as educational and entertaining games of skill.

What is Extended Hours Gameplay?

After the market closes each day, stocks can still be traded. This is typically referred to as “extended hours” trading. Our gameplay simply inverts and you need to make stock picks during normal trading hours based on what you think will happen during the after-market closing hours. Winners are decided based on the opening price rather than the closing.

How does the market simulator work?

You create your own private contest where you decide how much fake money to start your portfolio with. You then pick the stocks or cryptos you want to simulate purchasing, buy shares or tokens, and watch the results over the duration you set.

Can I create a private contest?

Yes. You can create or join a contest that was created privately. The same general gameplay applies, only the contest is private to just the people invited. This lets you challenge others to put your portfolio picking skills to the test privately.

How does the Leaderboard work?

We have monthly and annual leaderboards specific to our Swing Trader games and the Streak contest. Prizes are posted each month for finishing atop the leaderboard with funds paid out to winners each month.

In the Swing Trader Gameplay, why must I pick 7 stocks or cryptos?

Learning to diversify risk and having a broader understanding of the market is typically best. Since we're a gaming through education platform, our swing trader requires more than one asset be picked. With that said, you can still centralize your budget towards one asset almost entirely and can also run private simulations as you choose.

How does the Streak Gameplay work?

Simply pick a stock you think will go up and another you think will go down each day the market is open. Miss a day? Don't worry... it doesn't break your streak. The more you get right in a row, the bigger the prize potential as you climb the streak leaderboard.

How does the Race Gameplay work?

Think of it like a race to a dollar amount. You want to grow your portfolio so that it achieves that total. You can buy or sell stocks and crypto with your starting fantasy budget and opt to either wait for it to increase, or actively trade your way towards the goal by buying and selling in real-time like an actual broker.

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