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Adaptive Biotechnologies Corporation is a biotechnology company that specializes in immune system profiling and sequencing. The company was founded in 2009 by Chad Robins and Harlan Robins in Seattle, Washington, USA. Their vision was to utilize the power of immune system data to transform the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases, including cancer and infectious diseases.

Adaptive Biotechnologies' core technology is based on high-throughput DNA sequencing of immune cells, known as T cells and B cells. These cells play a crucial role in the body's immune response, and their diversity and specificity can provide valuable insights into disease detection and monitoring. The company's proprietary technology, known as immune medicine platform, allows them to sequence and analyze the genetic code of these immune cells to identify patterns associated with diseases.

One of the significant applications of Adaptive Biotechnologies' technology is in the field of cancer diagnostics. By profiling the immune system of cancer patients, the company can identify specific T cell receptors that recognize tumor cells. This information can be used to develop personalized cancer therapies and monitor treatment responses.

In addition to their work in cancer research, Adaptive Biotechnologies is also actively involved in the development of diagnostics and therapies for various infectious diseases. By understanding the immune response to infectious agents, the company aims to develop more accurate and rapid diagnostic tools and targeted treatments.

As a leader in the field of immune system profiling, Adaptive Biotechnologies collaborates with research institutions, academic partners, and pharmaceutical companies to further advance their technology and applications. The company's cutting-edge work has earned them recognition as a pioneer in the field of immune medicine, with the potential to impact healthcare on a global scale.

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