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American Eagle Outfitters Inc. is a well-known American retail company specializing in casual apparel and accessories. The company was founded in 1977 by brothers Jerry and Mark Silverman and was initially a subsidiary of Retail Ventures Inc. In the early days, American Eagle focused on selling clothing for young men, but it later expanded its product offerings to include women's clothing, footwear, and accessories.

American Eagle Outfitters, commonly referred to as just American Eagle, has its headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. The company operates a chain of retail stores across the United States and Canada, as well as an e-commerce website that ships to various international locations.

The brand is especially popular among teenagers and young adults and is known for its trendy and casual clothing, including jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, and accessories. The company aims to provide comfortable and stylish clothing at affordable prices to its target market.

In addition to its flagship American Eagle brand, the company also operates other brands, including Aerie, which focuses on lingerie, loungewear, and activewear, and Todd Snyder, a men's fashion brand. These brands contribute to the company's diverse portfolio and target different segments of the fashion market.

(03/01/24) $24.14
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(05/21/23) $9.95
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