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Allied Gaming & Entertainment Inc. (AGAE) isn't just another gaming company. It's a global leader in experiential entertainment, catering to the ever-growing community of gamers worldwide. Through renowned assets, innovative products, and immersive services, AGAE builds a unique world where gamers can connect, compete, and celebrate their passion.


The heart of AGAE lies in its esports division, Allied Esports. Here, award-winning expertise translates into thrilling live events, competitive tournaments, and cutting-edge production services. From the iconic HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas, the world's most recognizable esports facility, to the first-of-its-kind Allied Esports Trucks, bringing mobile arenas to any location, AGAE is constantly pushing the boundaries of how fans experience esports.


But AGAE doesn't stop at competition. Through original content development and production services, AE Studios goes beyond the arena, weaving captivating narratives that elevate esports into engaging entertainment for everyone. With popular tournament brands like Frags and Knockdown, co-branded programs like the Simon Cup, and even custom tournaments, AGAE ensures there's something for every gamer's taste.


In a world driven by digital connections, AGAE understands the power of real-world interaction. Whether it's bringing communities together through competitive events or offering unique experiences at its flagship venues, AGAE fosters a sense of belonging and shared passion among gamers. This commitment to building bridges within the gaming community sets AGAE apart as more than just a company; it's a platform for connection and growth.


Looking ahead, AGAE stands poised to expand its reach and solidify its position as a leader in experiential gaming. With a focus on strategic partnerships, innovative IP development, and continuous content creation, AGAE is building a bright future where every gamer can find their place in this exciting world.




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