Albemarle Corp (ALB) Sector

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Albemarle Corporation is a global specialty chemicals company that focuses on developing and manufacturing a wide range of products for various industries. The company was founded in 1994 as a spin-off from Ethyl Corporation, which had a long history dating back to the 1930s. Albemarle is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Albemarle is a major player in the lithium market, producing lithium compounds used in batteries for electric vehicles, energy storage systems, and other applications. The company is also involved in the production of other specialty chemicals, including catalysts, bromine, and performance chemicals used in industries such as electronics, energy, and agriculture.

Albemarle's leadership in the lithium market positions it well to benefit from the increasing demand for lithium-ion batteries, driven by the growth of electric vehicles and renewable energy storage solutions. The company's focus on innovation and technology development enables it to create solutions that meet the evolving needs of its customers in multiple industries.

With a diverse portfolio of specialty chemicals and a commitment to sustainable practices, Albemarle aims to contribute to the advancement of key industries while delivering value to its shareholders. The company's expertise and capabilities in chemical manufacturing and research continue to drive its growth and success in global markets.

(06/17/24) $100.63
(06/18/24) $100.36
(06/18/24) (Qty.)3,423,994
(06/17/24) $98.95
(06/17/24) $104.16
(06/16/24) $98.95
(06/02/24) $124.84
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