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Allogene Therapeutics Inc. is a biotechnology company specializing in the development of innovative allogeneic chimeric antigen receptor T-cell (CAR-T) therapies for the treatment of cancer. Founded in 2018 and headquartered in South San Francisco, California, Allogene is focused on harnessing the power of the immune system to target and eliminate cancer cells. The company's approach involves using genetically engineered T-cells from healthy donors, creating an "off-the-shelf" CAR-T therapy that can be administered to multiple patients without the need for patient-specific cell harvesting.


The flagship product in Allogene's pipeline is ALLO-501, an allogeneic CAR-T therapy targeting CD19, a protein commonly expressed on the surface of B-cell malignancies. The company aims to address challenges associated with autologous CAR-T therapies, such as manufacturing complexities and patient-specific variability. ALLO-501 is being investigated in clinical trials for its safety and efficacy in treating patients with various types of B-cell lymphomas.


Allogene has a diverse portfolio of product candidates targeting different antigens and cancer indications. The company employs cutting-edge gene editing technologies, including CRISPR/Cas9, to enhance the precision and safety of its allogeneic CAR-T therapies. The goal is to provide patients with potentially more accessible and scalable treatments that overcome some of the limitations associated with autologous CAR-T therapies.


The leadership team at Allogene includes industry veterans with extensive experience in biopharmaceuticals, oncology, and cell therapy development. The company's commitment to scientific innovation and its mission to transform the treatment of cancer through allogeneic CAR-T therapies highlight its dedication to addressing unmet medical needs and improving outcomes for cancer patients.



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