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Altus Power Inc. is a prominent renewable energy company that specializes in developing, owning, and operating solar power generation projects. The company was founded in 2009 by Lars Norell and Gregg Felton, with the vision of advancing sustainable energy solutions. Altus Power focuses on creating renewable energy infrastructure to benefit commercial, industrial, and community clients.


Altus Power's primary mission revolves around providing clean energy alternatives to traditional power sources. The company specializes in solar energy projects, designing and building solar installations on rooftops, parking canopies, and other available spaces. Altus Power aims to contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions and the transition towards a more sustainable energy future.


An interesting aspect of Altus Power's approach is its focus on providing customized energy solutions. The company works closely with its clients to understand their energy needs and tailor solar projects that align with their goals and requirements. This commitment to client collaboration contributes to Altus Power's success in delivering effective renewable energy solutions.


In recent years, Altus Power has expanded its presence by acquiring and developing solar projects across different markets. The company's growth strategy includes identifying opportunities in various regions and sectors to further increase its renewable energy capacity.


With its dedication to promoting clean energy and its expertise in developing solar projects, Altus Power continues to make strides in the renewable energy industry. By providing efficient and sustainable solutions, the company plays a significant role in advancing the adoption of clean energy technologies.



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