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Applied Molecular Transport Inc. (AMT) is a biotechnology company that specializes in developing transformative oral biologic therapies. The company was founded in 2011 by Tahir Mahmood and Yajun Xu, aiming to address the limitations of traditional biologic drug delivery methods and create more accessible treatments.


AMT's primary focus is on utilizing its proprietary technology platform to engineer oral biologic therapies. The company develops treatments for various medical conditions, including autoimmune disorders, inflammatory diseases, and gastrointestinal disorders. AMT's platform leverages the body's natural transport mechanisms to deliver biologic therapies directly to target cells, enhancing their efficacy and reducing side effects.


An additional noteworthy aspect of AMT's operations is its collaboration with strategic partners and research institutions. The company actively seeks partnerships to leverage its technology platform and advance the development of novel therapies. This collaborative approach accelerates AMT's ability to bring innovative treatments to market.


In recent years, AMT has advanced its pipeline of oral biologic therapies and has been engaged in clinical trials to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of its products. The company's dedication to research and development underscores its commitment to creating next-generation treatments that can significantly improve patient outcomes.


Applied Molecular Transport's innovative approach to biologic drug delivery positions it as a notable player in the biotechnology industry. By addressing the challenges of delivering biologic therapies orally, the company aims to revolutionize the treatment landscape for a wide range of medical conditions, offering more convenient and effective options for patients.



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