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The Andersons Inc. is a diversified company with a rich history in agribusiness and related industries. Founded in 1947 by Harold Anderson, the company initially started as a single grain elevator in Maumee, Ohio. Over the years, it expanded its operations and diversified its offerings to become a significant player in various sectors.


The company's core operations span across agribusiness, rail operations, and consumer retail. In the agribusiness segment, The Andersons is involved in the buying, storing, handling, and distribution of grains and other agricultural products. The company operates grain elevators, ethanol production facilities, and various facilities related to agriculture.


Beyond agribusiness, The Andersons has diversified into rail operations, managing a fleet of railcars that provide transportation services to various industries. The company also operates a chain of retail stores under the "The Andersons" brand, offering a variety of products including home and garden supplies, clothing, and more.


Throughout its history, The Andersons has demonstrated a commitment to innovation and growth. The company's ability to adapt to changing market conditions and expand its operations into various sectors has contributed to its longevity and success.



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