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Information Technology

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Amphenol Corporation is a multinational company with a strong presence in the electronics industry. The company was founded in 1932 by Arthur Schmitt in Chicago, Illinois. Originally named American Phenolic Corp, it began as a manufacturer of phonograph needles and radio antenna insulators. Over the years, the company shifted its focus to electronic connectors and components, which has become its core business.


Amphenol's primary focus is on designing, manufacturing, and marketing a wide range of connectors, cables, and interconnect systems for various industries, including aerospace, automotive, telecommunications, and industrial sectors. The company's products play a critical role in enabling electrical and electronic connections in diverse applications.


With its longstanding history and expertise in connectors and interconnect systems, Amphenol Corporation remains a key player in providing essential components that facilitate the functioning of various electronic devices and systems. The company's commitment to delivering high-quality and reliable products underscores its role in enabling connectivity across industries.



(03/01/24) $110.81
(03/04/24) $111.00
(03/04/24) (Qty.)897,630
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(04/23/23) $72.00
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