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Digital Turbine Inc is a technology company that specializes in mobile content delivery and advertising solutions. The company was founded in 1998 by Lee Ellison in Durham, North Carolina. Digital Turbine's establishment marked the beginning of its mission to simplify the app installation process and enhance mobile user experiences.


The company's primary focus is on developing and providing solutions that enable mobile operators, device manufacturers, and app developers to deliver content to users' devices efficiently. Digital Turbine's platform streamlines the app installation process and helps users discover new apps that are relevant to their interests.


In recent years, Digital Turbine has expanded its services to include advanced mobile advertising solutions. The company's technology helps advertisers reach their target audiences through relevant and personalized app recommendations.


With its focus on simplifying app discovery and enhancing mobile content delivery, Digital Turbine Inc plays a pivotal role in shaping the mobile app and advertising landscape. The company's commitment to optimizing user experiences and driving engagement underscores its impact on mobile app usage and digital advertising strategies.



(10/03/23) $5.81
(10/04/23) $5.84
(10/04/23) (Qty.)1,917,677
(10/03/23) $5.76
(10/03/23) $5.93
(10/01/23) $5.76
(11/13/22) $20.40
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