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Air Transport Services Group Inc. (ATSG) is a dynamic and diversified aviation solutions provider that offers a wide range of services to the air cargo and passenger industries. Founded in 1980 and headquartered in Wilmington, Ohio, the company has evolved into a significant player in the aviation sector, with a focus on providing comprehensive aircraft leasing, air transportation, and logistics solutions.


ATSG's core strength lies in its ability to offer integrated solutions that cover a variety of aviation needs. The company operates a fleet of cargo aircraft, including converted Boeing 767 freighters, providing air transportation services to customers such as express delivery companies, e-commerce retailers, and government agencies. Additionally, ATSG provides aircraft leasing and maintenance services to a diverse array of clients.


One of ATSG's notable achievements is its expertise in converting commercial aircraft into freighter configurations. The company's subsidiary, Cargo Aircraft Management (CAM), specializes in this process, enabling airlines to repurpose older passenger planes into efficient and cost-effective cargo carriers. This innovation supports the growth of the air cargo industry and responds to the increasing demand for rapid and reliable shipping solutions.


ATSG's operations extend beyond air cargo to include passenger services. The company's subsidiary, Omni Air International, provides passenger charter and military transport services, utilizing its fleet of wide-body aircraft to offer customized travel solutions for various groups, including tour operators, sports teams, and government agencies.


The company's commitment to sustainability is evident in its efforts to promote fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. ATSG's focus on fleet modernization and the use of fuel-efficient aircraft contributes to the aviation industry's efforts to mitigate its environmental impact.



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