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Avantor Inc. is a global provider of essential products, materials, and solutions to the life sciences and advanced technology industries. Established in 1904 and headquartered in Radnor, Pennsylvania, the company has evolved into a leading player in the supply chain of critical products and services that support scientific research, healthcare, and technological advancements.


Avantor's primary focus is on supplying a vast range of high-purity chemicals, laboratory equipment, and consumables to scientific researchers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, biotechnology companies, and other organizations. The company's products are instrumental in various stages of scientific discovery, drug development, diagnostics, and manufacturing processes.


The company's commitment to quality, reliability, and compliance is evident in its portfolio of products, which adhere to stringent regulatory standards. Avantor's role as a trusted supplier is underscored by its focus on maintaining consistent product quality and providing exceptional customer support, ensuring that customers can rely on their products for accurate and reliable results.


Avantor's expertise extends beyond product supply to include comprehensive solutions for customers' unique needs. The company offers custom manufacturing and design services, as well as solutions for bioprocessing, cell and gene therapy, and laboratory management. These value-added services contribute to Avantor's position as a strategic partner in helping organizations achieve their scientific and technological goals.



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