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Avery Dennison Corp. is a global materials science and manufacturing company that specializes in the design and production of a wide range of labeling, packaging, and brand identification solutions. Established in 1935 and headquartered in Glendale, California, the company has evolved into a key player in the labeling and packaging industry, serving businesses across various sectors with innovative and sustainable solutions.


The company's core offerings encompass a diverse array of products, including pressure-sensitive adhesive materials, labels, tags, tapes, and packaging solutions. Avery Dennison's solutions are integral to various industries, such as retail, apparel, automotive, healthcare, and logistics, helping businesses enhance their brand visibility, streamline operations, and improve consumer engagement.


Avery Dennison's commitment to innovation is evident in its continuous efforts to develop cutting-edge materials and technologies. The company's advancements in adhesive technologies, printing methods, and smart labeling solutions have contributed to improving the efficiency, sustainability, and functionality of labeling and packaging.


Sustainability is a fundamental aspect of Avery Dennison's operations. The company is dedicated to reducing its environmental footprint by employing eco-friendly materials, promoting recycling, and fostering a culture of sustainability throughout its supply chain. Avery Dennison's commitment to sustainable practices aligns with its role in the circular economy and its efforts to contribute to a more sustainable future.


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