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AstraZeneca plc is a global pharmaceutical company known for its dedication to discovering, developing, and commercializing innovative medicines and treatments that address a wide range of medical conditions. Established in 1999 through the merger of Astra AB and Zeneca Group PLC, the company is headquartered in Cambridge, United Kingdom, and has a strong global presence with operations in over 100 countries.


AstraZeneca focuses on therapeutic areas such as oncology, cardiovascular, respiratory, immunology, and neuroscience. The company's portfolio includes both prescription drugs and biologics that aim to improve patient outcomes and enhance quality of life. AstraZeneca's commitment to research and development has led to the creation of breakthrough treatments that address some of the most pressing health challenges of our time.


Oncology is a significant focus for AstraZeneca, with the company developing innovative therapies to treat various types of cancer. Notable breakthroughs include targeted therapies and immunotherapies that have the potential to transform the treatment landscape for patients facing these serious diseases.


The company's approach to drug development involves collaboration with academic institutions, research organizations, and other industry partners. AstraZeneca's partnerships allow for the sharing of knowledge, resources, and expertise, ultimately accelerating the discovery and development of new treatments.


AstraZeneca is also committed to addressing global health challenges, such as infectious diseases. The company's efforts in vaccine development gained significant attention during the COVID-19 pandemic, as AstraZeneca played a key role in developing a vaccine that has been distributed worldwide to help combat the spread of the virus.



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