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Ball Corporation, commonly known as Ball Corp, is a global leader in metal packaging and aerospace technologies. Founded in 1880 and headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado, the company has a rich history and a diverse range of products that span beverage cans, food cans, aerospace components, and more.


Ball Corp's core focus is on providing sustainable packaging solutions for the food, beverage, and household products industries. The company is known for its aluminum cans, which are widely used for packaging beverages like soft drinks, beer, and energy drinks. Ball's commitment to sustainability is reflected in its efforts to create lightweight, recyclable, and environmentally friendly packaging options.


The company's aerospace division is equally notable. Ball Aerospace is a major player in the aerospace and defense industry, specializing in the design, development, and production of satellites, scientific instruments, and space exploration technologies. Ball Aerospace's contributions have been crucial to various NASA missions, Earth observation initiatives, and deep space exploration projects.


In addition to its packaging and aerospace divisions, Ball Corp also operates in the field of specialty manufacturing. The company produces specialty containers for various industries, including aerosol cans, pharmaceutical packaging, and even cutting-edge 3D printing technology.


Ball Corp places a strong emphasis on innovation, research, and development. The company's advanced technologies and materials research contribute to the creation of cutting-edge packaging solutions and aerospace technologies.


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