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Baxter International Inc. is a global healthcare company known for its contributions to medical technology, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare solutions. Founded in 1931 and headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois, Baxter has a long history of innovation in the medical field and has established itself as a key player in providing products and services that improve patient care and outcomes.


Baxter's core focus is on developing and manufacturing a diverse range of medical products and therapies, including intravenous (IV) solutions, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and renal care solutions. The company's products are used by healthcare professionals to treat a wide variety of conditions and medical needs, ranging from critical care to chronic diseases.


One of Baxter's notable contributions is its development of the first commercially viable artificial kidney, which revolutionized renal care and dialysis treatment for patients with kidney disease. The company's legacy of innovation continues through its ongoing commitment to research and development, with a focus on advanced therapies and solutions that address evolving healthcare challenges.


Baxter's product portfolio spans multiple medical disciplines, including intravenous therapies, infusion pumps, nutritional products, and anesthesia delivery systems. These products play a critical role in healthcare settings, supporting medical professionals in providing safe and effective patient care.


The company's dedication to patient well-being extends beyond product development. Baxter emphasizes ethical practices, safety standards, and regulatory compliance in its operations.




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