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Brookfield Business Partners LP is a publicly traded limited partnership that operates as the flagship business services and industrials company within the Brookfield Asset Management group. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Brookfield Business Partners focuses on acquiring and managing high-quality businesses in various industries, seeking long-term value creation and sustainable growth.


As an integral part of Brookfield Asset Management, one of the world's largest alternative asset managers, Brookfield Business Partners leverages the global reach and financial strength of the broader Brookfield platform. This enables the company to pursue a range of investment opportunities across different sectors, including business services, industrials, and infrastructure.


Brookfield Business Partners employs an active ownership approach, meaning it actively participates in the strategic management and operation of its portfolio companies. This approach involves working closely with management teams to implement operational improvements, execute strategic initiatives, and capitalize on growth opportunities. The company often targets businesses with strong competitive positions, where its operational expertise can unlock additional value.


The portfolio of Brookfield Business Partners is diverse and includes companies in sectors such as construction services, energy, manufacturing, and business services. The company seeks businesses with resilient cash flows, attractive growth prospects, and the potential for value creation through operational enhancements and capital allocation strategies.


Given its affiliation with Brookfield Asset Management, Brookfield Business Partners has access to substantial financial resources and a global network, providing a competitive advantage in sourcing and executing transactions.



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