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Boise Cascade Co. is a prominent American manufacturer and distributor of wood products and building materials, with a history dating back to 1957. Headquartered in Boise, Idaho, the company has established itself as a key player in the construction and building industry, offering a diverse range of products and solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial projects.


The company's core business centers around wood products, including engineered wood, plywood, lumber, and particleboard. Boise Cascade's focus on sustainable forestry practices is evident through its commitment to responsible sourcing and resource management. The company places a strong emphasis on environmental stewardship and ensures that its products are sourced from well-managed forests.


Boise Cascade serves as a vital link in the construction supply chain by offering a comprehensive portfolio of products that cater to the needs of builders, contractors, architects, and distributors. These products include structural framing materials, decking, siding, and other building components that contribute to the construction and remodeling of residential and commercial spaces.


In addition to its wood products segment, Boise Cascade also operates a distribution business, providing a wide variety of building materials and construction supplies to customers across North America. The company's distribution network allows it to reach a broad customer base and contribute to the seamless delivery of essential materials to construction projects.


Boise Cascade's commitment to innovation is reflected in its continuous efforts to develop new products, enhance manufacturing processes, and improve customer experiences. The company's dedication to providing quality products and exceptional customer service has solidified its reputation as a reliable partner in the building and construction industry.



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