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Flanigan's Enterprises Inc. is an American restaurant and beverage company known for its Flanigan's Seafood Bar and Grill chain. Established in 1959 and based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the company has built a reputation for its casual dining atmosphere, seafood offerings, and commitment to providing an enjoyable experience for its patrons.


At the heart of Flanigan's success is its seafood-centric menu, which features a variety of dishes ranging from fresh fish to seafood platters, complemented by a selection of grilled and pub-style items. The company's focus on seafood has resonated with customers seeking a relaxed dining environment with a coastal flair.


Flanigan's signature "Big Daddy" burger has also become a noteworthy highlight, attracting burger enthusiasts with its substantial size and flavorful toppings. This iconic burger, along with other menu offerings, contributes to the brand's appeal as a comfort food destination.


The company's approach to service and ambiance is characterized by its casual and family-friendly atmosphere. Flanigan's is often a go-to spot for patrons looking to enjoy a laid-back meal, watch sports games, and socialize in a welcoming environment.


Flanigan's has also expanded its offerings beyond dining to include its own brand of spirits and wines. The company produces its own label of rums, vodkas, and wines, enhancing its unique identity as both a restaurant and a beverage producer.



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