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Butterfly Network Inc. is a groundbreaking medical technology company that has revolutionized the field of medical imaging through its innovative handheld ultrasound devices. Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Guilford, Connecticut, the company's mission is to democratize healthcare by making high-quality medical imaging accessible and affordable to medical professionals around the world.


Central to Butterfly Network's innovation is the Butterfly iQ, a portable ultrasound device that uses a single probe and a smartphone or tablet as the display. This handheld device leverages advanced semiconductor technology to offer a versatile and cost-effective solution for various medical imaging needs, ranging from obstetrics and cardiology to emergency medicine.


The Butterfly iQ has the potential to transform patient care by enabling clinicians to perform ultrasounds quickly and conveniently at the point of care. Its portability and user-friendly design empower healthcare professionals with real-time imaging capabilities, allowing for faster diagnoses and improved patient outcomes.


One of the company's notable achievements is its focus on democratizing medical imaging globally. By offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional ultrasound machines, Butterfly Network aims to bridge the gap between resource-rich and resource-limited healthcare settings, enabling more people to access essential medical imaging services.


In addition to its technological innovations, Butterfly Network places importance on education and training. The company's platform includes educational resources and support for healthcare professionals to learn how to effectively use the Butterfly iQ and interpret ultrasound images accurately.


Butterfly Network's vision extends beyond ultrasounds; the company is actively exploring the development of additional imaging modalities and expanding its capabilities to address a wider range of medical imaging needs.



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