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Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. is a global leader in life science and clinical diagnostics, known for its innovative solutions that empower researchers, scientists, and healthcare professionals. Founded in 1952 and headquartered in Hercules, California, the company has a rich history of providing cutting-edge tools and technologies that advance scientific discovery and improve patient care.


Bio-Rad's product portfolio spans a wide range of applications, including genomics, proteomics, cell biology, and clinical diagnostics. The company's offerings encompass laboratory instruments, reagents, consumables, and software that facilitate research and diagnostics across various scientific disciplines.


In the life sciences arena, Bio-Rad is known for its contributions to genetic research and molecular biology. The company's technologies enable researchers to study DNA, RNA, and proteins with precision, enabling groundbreaking discoveries in fields such as cancer research, drug development, and personalized medicine.


Bio-Rad's clinical diagnostics division focuses on providing high-quality tools and solutions to healthcare professionals. The company's diagnostic products encompass tests for infectious diseases, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, and more. Bio-Rad's commitment to accuracy and reliability is instrumental in supporting accurate diagnoses and effective patient treatment.


The company's reputation for quality extends to its commitment to regulatory compliance and adherence to industry standards. Bio-Rad's products meet stringent requirements, ensuring that researchers and healthcare professionals can rely on the accuracy and reproducibility of their results.


Bio-Rad's dedication to education and training is evident in its efforts to support scientists and clinicians through workshops, seminars, and online resources. The company's aim is to empower professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to make impactful contributions to their respective fields.



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