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BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc. is a leading biopharmaceutical company that specializes in developing innovative therapies for rare genetic diseases and conditions. Founded in 1997 and headquartered in San Rafael, California, the company has become known for its dedication to addressing unmet medical needs in the field of rare diseases through advanced research and development efforts.


BioMarin's focus is on creating therapies for diseases caused by genetic mutations or deficiencies, often with a significant impact on patients' quality of life. The company's pipeline includes a range of therapies that aim to provide life-changing treatments for disorders like phenylketonuria (PKU), hemophilia, Batten disease, and more.


The company's dedication to innovation is evident in its approach to using cutting-edge technologies to develop treatments. BioMarin leverages gene therapy, enzyme replacement therapy, and other advanced techniques to target the underlying genetic causes of rare diseases and provide patients with improved outcomes.


BioMarin's commitment to patient well-being extends beyond drug development. The company focuses on building relationships with patient communities, caregivers, and advocacy groups to ensure that patients have access to necessary treatments and support services.


As a testament to its success, BioMarin has received regulatory approvals for several of its innovative therapies, providing new treatment options for patients with rare diseases who previously had limited or no alternatives. The company's commitment to addressing unmet medical needs has earned it recognition as a key player in the biopharmaceutical industry.



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