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Dutch Bros Inc. is a rapidly growing and distinctive coffee company known for its drive-thru coffee stands and strong commitment to customer service and community engagement. Founded in 1992 by Travis and Dane Boersma in Grants Pass, Oregon, Dutch Bros has evolved into a major player in the specialty coffee industry, celebrated not only for its high-quality coffee beverages but also for its unique company culture.


At the heart of Dutch Bros' success is its emphasis on creating exceptional customer experiences. The company's friendly and energetic "broistas" (baristas) focus on building genuine connections with customers, providing not just coffee but also positive interactions that contribute to a sense of community and camaraderie.


Dutch Bros offers a diverse menu of coffee drinks, including specialty lattes, cold brews, and its signature "Dutch Freeze" blended drinks. Its commitment to quality is evident in its use of premium beans, carefully crafted recipes, and creative flavor combinations that appeal to a wide range of taste preferences.


One of Dutch Bros' defining characteristics is its strong emphasis on giving back to the communities it serves. The company's "Dutch Luv" foundation is dedicated to various philanthropic efforts, including supporting local organizations, providing disaster relief, and contributing to important causes. This commitment to social responsibility has garnered the company a loyal following and a reputation for making a positive impact beyond coffee.


Dutch Bros' rapid growth has caught the attention of investors and the industry alike. The company has expanded its presence beyond its Oregon roots, with coffee stands in various states across the United States. Its unique blend of high-quality coffee, customer-focused service, and community engagement has positioned Dutch Bros as a distinctive player in the competitive coffee market.



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