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C4 Therapeutics Inc. is a cutting-edge biotechnology company focused on developing novel treatments for a wide range of diseases by harnessing the power of targeted protein degradation. The company was founded in 2015 with the vision of transforming the way diseases are treated through innovative approaches to protein homeostasis.


Headquartered in Watertown, Massachusetts, C4 Therapeutics operates at the forefront of the emerging field of targeted protein degradation. The company's platform technology, known as Degronimid, enables the specific degradation of disease-causing proteins by utilizing small molecules to target and tag them for elimination by the body's natural protein degradation machinery.


One of C4 Therapeutics' key strengths lies in its ability to design and develop targeted protein degraders that address a wide range of therapeutic areas, including oncology, neurology, and immunology. The company's expertise in molecular biology, chemistry, and drug discovery empowers it to create customized therapeutic solutions tailored to the unique characteristics of different diseases.


C4 Therapeutics' innovative approach holds the potential to revolutionize drug development by offering a new avenue for treating diseases that were previously considered difficult to address. The company's commitment to advancing its technology is evident through its partnerships with leading academic institutions and collaborations with pharmaceutical companies to accelerate the discovery and development of targeted protein degraders.


The company's dedication to innovation and scientific excellence is reflected in its team of experts, who bring together diverse skills and experience from various scientific disciplines. C4 Therapeutics continues to push the boundaries of protein degradation technology, aiming to bring transformative therapies to patients in need.



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