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Century Aluminum Co. is a prominent player in the aluminum industry, known for its operations in primary aluminum production. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Century Aluminum operates multiple smelters in North America, making it one of the largest producers of primary aluminum in the region.


The company's primary focus lies in the production of high-quality primary aluminum, which is the metal extracted directly from bauxite ore through the electrolytic process. Primary aluminum is a crucial raw material used in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, construction, packaging, and electronics.


Century Aluminum's smelting facilities are strategically located in areas with access to abundant and affordable energy sources, which is a critical factor in aluminum production. The company's smelters utilize advanced technology and efficient processes to convert alumina (refined from bauxite ore) into molten aluminum, which is then cast into various shapes and forms for further processing.


One of Century Aluminum's notable operations is its flagship smelter in Hawesville, Kentucky, which is one of the largest aluminum smelters in the United States. This facility benefits from its proximity to the Ohio River, which provides access to transportation for raw materials and finished products.


In addition to its operations in Kentucky, Century Aluminum also owns and operates smelters in other locations, including Sebree, Kentucky, and Mt. Holly, South Carolina. These facilities contribute to the company's overall production capacity and market presence.


Like other companies in the metals industry, Century Aluminum's performance is influenced by various factors, including global aluminum prices, demand from end-user industries, energy costs, regulatory requirements, and market competition. The company strives to maintain cost-effective operations, optimize production efficiency, and adapt to changing market conditions to remain competitive in the aluminum sector.



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