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Churchill Downs, Inc. is a well-known American company headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, with a rich history dating back to 1875. The company is a leader in the horse racing, gaming, and entertainment industries, operating a diverse portfolio of properties and businesses.


At the heart of Churchill Downs' operations is its iconic racetrack, Churchill Downs Racetrack, known as the home of the Kentucky Derby. The Kentucky Derby, one of the most prestigious and famous horse racing events in the world, is held annually at this venue. The event attracts thousands of spectators and horse racing enthusiasts, making it a significant revenue generator for the company.


Churchill Downs, Inc. also operates other horse racing tracks, including Arlington International Racecourse in Illinois and Fair Grounds Race Course & Slots in Louisiana, among others. These tracks host live horse racing events, contributing to the company's stature in the horse racing industry.


Beyond horse racing, Churchill Downs, Inc. has expanded into the gaming and entertainment sectors. The company owns and operates several casinos and gaming properties, offering a variety of gaming options, including slot machines, table games, and sports betting facilities. This diversification aligns with the evolving trends in the gaming industry and enhances the company's revenue streams.


Churchill Downs Interactive, a subsidiary of the company, focuses on online gaming and sports betting. Through this digital presence, Churchill Downs, Inc. taps into the growing market of online gambling, offering customers the convenience of betting on their favorite sports and playing casino games from their computers and mobile devices.


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