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Core & Main Inc. is a prominent distributor of water, wastewater, storm drainage, and fire protection products and related services in North America. With its headquarters located in St. Louis, Missouri, the company plays a crucial role in supplying essential infrastructure solutions to support communities, industries, and municipalities across the United States and Canada.


Founded in 2017, Core & Main has rapidly established itself as a leading player in the waterworks industry. The company serves a diverse customer base that includes contractors, municipalities, utilities, and other entities involved in water-related infrastructure projects. Core & Main's extensive product portfolio covers a wide range of needs, including pipes, valves, hydrants, fittings, and specialized equipment for water and wastewater management systems.


The company's distribution network is a key strength, comprising strategically located distribution centers that ensure efficient delivery and availability of products across its service areas. Core & Main's commitment to providing reliable, high-quality products and exceptional customer service has contributed to its strong reputation and success in the industry.


In addition to its distribution capabilities, Core & Main offers a range of value-added services, including project management, technical support, and training. These services help customers navigate complex projects and optimize the use of products in various applications, contributing to the overall success of infrastructure initiatives.


The company seeks opportunities to enhance its product offerings, geographic reach, and customer relationships through strategic acquisitions. With its focus on providing essential infrastructure solutions, Core & Main plays a vital role in ensuring the efficient and reliable functioning of water and wastewater systems that are vital to the well-being of communities and industries.



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