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Cardiff Oncology Inc. is a biotechnology company headquartered in San Diego, California, with a dedicated focus on developing innovative therapies for cancer patients. The company is driven by a mission to improve outcomes for individuals battling cancer, particularly those with hard-to-treat forms of the disease. Cardiff Oncology is known for its commitment to precision medicine and the development of novel treatments that target specific genetic mutations in cancer cells.


One of Cardiff Oncology's key therapeutic candidates is onvansertib. Onvansertib is an investigational drug designed to target and inhibit the cell division process in cancer cells. It has shown promise in clinical trials for various cancers, including colorectal cancer and acute myeloid leukemia (AML). By specifically targeting cancer cells with certain genetic alterations, onvansertib aims to stop their growth and proliferation while minimizing harm to healthy cells.


Cardiff Oncology's precision medicine approach involves identifying genetic biomarkers in cancer patients to determine their eligibility for onvansertib treatment. The company recognizes the importance of tailoring therapies to individual patient profiles, increasing the likelihood of treatment success while reducing potential side effects.


The company's dedication to research and innovation extends to exploring the potential applications of onvansertib in combination with other cancer treatments, including chemotherapy and immunotherapy. Cardiff Oncology aims to maximize the effectiveness of cancer therapy by developing synergistic treatment regimens.


Furthermore, Cardiff Oncology is committed to advancing clinical research and collaborating with healthcare professionals to expand knowledge about the potential benefits of onvansertib and other precision medicine approaches in the field of oncology. By partnering with key stakeholders in the medical community, the company seeks to accelerate the development and adoption of innovative cancer therapies.



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