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Cresud S.A.C.I.F. y A. is an Argentine agricultural company with a diverse portfolio that spans agriculture, real estate, and investment sectors. Headquartered in Buenos Aires, the company is a major player in the South American agricultural landscape. Cresud's activities encompass the production of agricultural commodities, real estate development, and various strategic investments.


The core of Cresud's operations lies in agriculture, where the company engages in the cultivation of crops such as soybeans, wheat, corn, and sugarcane. The agricultural division is a key driver of the company's revenue, and Cresud has established itself as a significant contributor to Argentina's agribusiness sector.


In addition to its agricultural activities, Cresud is involved in real estate development. The company owns and manages a substantial land bank, engaging in the acquisition and development of rural and urban properties. This real estate component is a strategic aspect of Cresud's business, contributing to its overall growth and diversification.


Cresud's strategic investments extend beyond agriculture and real estate. The company has been involved in various ventures and partnerships, both domestically and internationally, reflecting its commitment to identifying opportunities for value creation. These strategic investments are aimed at bolstering Cresud's overall business portfolio and maximizing shareholder value.


As a company deeply rooted in the agricultural sector, Cresud is influenced by factors such as weather conditions, commodity prices, and global market dynamics. The company's success is intricately tied to its ability to navigate these variables, adapt to changing circumstances, and leverage its diversified business model to mitigate risks.



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