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Charles River Laboratories International Inc. is a leading global company in the life sciences industry, providing a wide range of research products, services, and solutions to support the drug discovery and development process. With its headquarters in Wilmington, Massachusetts, the company operates in the highly specialized field of preclinical and early-stage drug research.


The core offering of Charles River Laboratories revolves around helping pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies bring new drugs to market. The company provides a comprehensive suite of services that encompass various stages of drug development, including safety assessment, efficacy testing, and manufacturing support. They offer expertise in areas such as toxicology studies, pharmacology, and analytical chemistry, aiding clients in making informed decisions about the safety and efficacy of potential drug candidates.


Through its extensive network of research facilities and a team of skilled scientists, Charles River Laboratories assists clients in navigating the complex regulatory requirements of drug development. The company's contributions help advance medical science and bring life-changing therapies to patients in need.


In addition to its core services, Charles River Laboratories offers specialized tools, technologies, and models that enable researchers to conduct high-quality experiments and assessments. These include advanced laboratory equipment, proprietary animal models, and innovative platforms for in vitro testing.


With a focus on collaboration, Charles River Laboratories plays a vital role in the pharmaceutical industry's efforts to bring new therapies to patients worldwide. The company's dedication to scientific excellence and commitment to driving innovation make it a valuable partner for drug developers seeking to navigate the intricate landscape of drug discovery and development.



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