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Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment (CSS Entertainment) is a media company that produces, distributes, and licenses video content. The company was founded in 2014 by William J. Rouhana Jr. and Robert D. Fried, and is headquartered in Cos Cob, Connecticut. The company operates streaming video-on-demand networks that offer positive and uplifting content under the brands Crave, Popcornflix, and A Plus. CSS Entertainment also produces original content and distributes third-party programming on broadcast, cable, and streaming platforms.


CSS Entertainment's flagship streaming service, Crave, launched in March 2016 and offers a variety of video content, including TV shows, movies, and documentaries, as well as original series produced by CSS Entertainment. Popcornflix, a free, ad-supported streaming service, features popular movies and TV shows, including those from major studios. A Plus, another of the company's brands, offers uplifting content, including articles, videos, and podcasts.


CSS Entertainment's original programming includes unscripted shows, documentaries, and movies. The company also distributes third-party content across a range of platforms, including Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. Some of the company's most popular programming includes the unscripted series Chicken Soup for the Soul's Hidden Heroes, the long-running show The Dog Whisperer, and the crime documentary series Final Witness.


In addition to producing and distributing content, CSS Entertainment licenses its brands and programming to third-party platforms and companies. The company has partnerships with major streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video, and also licenses its content to airlines, cruise ships, and other businesses.



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