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CSX Corporation is an American railway transportation company that provides rail-based transportation services, including traditional rail service and intermodal containers, through its subsidiaries. The company was founded in 1980 and is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida.


CSX operates a network of more than 20,000 miles of track in 23 states in the eastern United States and the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec. The company serves a wide range of industries, including agriculture, automotive, chemicals, consumer products, forest products, intermodal, metals, and minerals. The company's intermodal business involves transporting goods in shipping containers that can be transferred between rail, truck, and ship.


CSX has a strong focus on technology, with a range of innovations designed to improve its operations, customer service, and safety. This includes the use of drones to inspect tracks and bridges, artificial intelligence to optimize train schedules, and a mobile app that allows customers to track their shipments in real-time.


The company has also made significant efforts to reduce its environmental impact, with initiatives focused on fuel efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and minimizing waste. CSX has been recognized for its sustainability efforts, including being named to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for North America in 2019 and 2020.


CSX has a strong financial performance, with steady revenue growth and a strong dividend yield. The company has also made significant investments in infrastructure, including upgrading its rail network and expanding its intermodal facilities to meet growing demand.


Looking to the future, CSX aims to continue its focus on technology and sustainability, while also investing in its people and communities. The company has a range of programs designed to support employee development and engagement, as well as initiatives focused on giving back to the communities it serves through charitable donations and volunteer work.



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