Clearway Energy Inc Class C (CWEN) Sector

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Clearway Energy, Inc. is a leading renewable energy company dedicated to providing clean, reliable, and affordable power solutions. Founded in 2018, Clearway has rapidly emerged as a prominent player in the renewable energy sector, boasting a diverse portfolio of wind, solar, and energy storage projects across the United States.


With a commitment to sustainability and innovation, Clearway operates and develops utility-scale renewable energy projects, partnering with communities, businesses, and utilities to transition towards a greener energy future. Their projects harness the natural power of wind and sunlight, generating electricity that powers homes, businesses, and industries while reducing carbon emissions and mitigating the impacts of climate change.


Clearway Energy's portfolio includes a wide range of renewable energy assets, from wind farms stretching across the plains to expansive solar arrays soaking up the sun's rays. Additionally, the company invests in cutting-edge energy storage technologies, enabling the integration of renewable energy into the grid and enhancing grid reliability.


Through strategic acquisitions, partnerships, and continuous investment in research and development, Clearway Energy remains at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution. Committed to operational excellence and sustainability, the company aims to drive the transition to a clean energy economy while delivering value to shareholders, customers, and the planet.



(03/01/24) $22.01
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(03/01/24) $21.58
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(04/02/23) $32.24
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