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DatChat Inc. is a privately held technology company that specializes in secure messaging and file sharing for personal and business use. The company was founded in 2018 by Darin Myman, a seasoned entrepreneur, and technology executive. Its headquarters is located in San Diego, California, and it has additional offices in New York City, New York, and Tel Aviv, Israel.


The company's flagship product is the DatChat Messenger, which offers advanced security features such as self-destructing messages, screenshot prevention, and end-to-end encryption. DatChat also offers a secure file-sharing feature called DatFiles, which allows users to send large files up to 100GB with advanced encryption and permission controls.


DatChat's target market is individuals and businesses who value privacy and security in their communications. The company aims to provide a secure alternative to mainstream messaging apps that may not prioritize user privacy.


In addition to its consumer-facing products, DatChat also offers enterprise solutions for businesses looking to secure their communication channels. The company's enterprise offering includes features such as centralized administration, customizable branding, and user management controls.


DatChat has received funding from investors such as Howard Lindzon and Josh Hannah, and the company continues to grow its user base and expand its product offerings.



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