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Ducommun Inc. is an American manufacturing company that specializes in providing advanced engineering and manufacturing solutions for a variety of industries, including aerospace, defense, industrial, and medical. The company was founded in 1849 and is headquartered in Santa Ana, California. Ducommun has a long history of supplying critical components and subassemblies to its customers, playing a vital role in the aerospace and defense sectors.


Aerospace and defense constitute significant portions of Ducommun's business, with the company serving as a trusted supplier to major aerospace and defense contractors. The company manufactures a wide range of aerospace components, including structural and electronic systems, as well as specialized engineered solutions for various aircraft and military applications. Ducommun's contribution to the aerospace and defense industries includes components for commercial and military aircraft, satellites, and missile systems.


In addition to its aerospace and defense offerings, Ducommun provides products and services for the industrial and medical sectors. The company manufactures critical components used in industrial equipment, such as heavy machinery and power generation systems. In the medical field, Ducommun produces precision components and assemblies used in medical devices and diagnostic equipment.


Ducommun's success can be attributed to its focus on precision manufacturing and engineering capabilities, which have made it a trusted partner for complex and critical projects. The company is known for its ability to meet stringent quality and performance requirements, which are especially critical in aerospace and defense applications.


Furthermore, Ducommun's dedication to innovation and continuous improvement has allowed it to adapt to changing market demands and customer needs, ensuring its relevance in an evolving manufacturing landscape.


Ducommun continued to be a significant player in the aerospace and defense supply chain, as well as other industrial and medical markets. Its focus on precision manufacturing, engineering expertise, and commitment to quality positioned it as a valuable partner for industries requiring advanced, reliable solutions.



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