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Diageo plc is a British multinational alcoholic beverages company that is headquartered in London, England. The company was founded in 1997 through the merger of Grand Metropolitan and Guinness. It is one of the world's largest producers of spirits and beers, with a portfolio of more than 200 brands, including Johnnie Walker, Crown Royal, Smirnoff, Guinness, and Baileys.


Diageo's portfolio of brands includes a wide range of spirits, beer, and wine, and the company is active in more than 180 countries. The company's core products include scotch whisky, vodka, gin, rum, and beer. The company is also involved in the production and distribution of wine and ready-to-drink beverages. Diageo has a strong focus on innovation, and invests heavily in research and development to create new products and improve its existing brands.


The company has a diversified business model, with operations in a range of different markets, including North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. In addition to its core business of producing and distributing alcoholic beverages, Diageo is also involved in a range of other activities, including marketing and advertising, brand licensing, and hospitality. The company operates a number of visitor centers and distilleries around the world, where customers can learn about the history and production of its products.


Diageo is committed to sustainable business practices, and has implemented a number of initiatives to reduce its environmental impact and promote responsible drinking. The company has set ambitious targets to reduce its carbon emissions, water usage, and waste production, and has invested in renewable energy and water conservation programs. Diageo also works closely with industry groups and governments around the world to promote responsible drinking and combat alcohol-related harm.


Diageo has continued to expand its presence in emerging markets, particularly in Asia and Africa. The company has made a number of strategic acquisitions to strengthen its position in these regions, and has invested heavily in marketing and advertising to build its brands in these markets



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