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DRDGOLD Ltd, established in 1895, is a South African gold mining company steeped in history. For over a century, they've been a prominent player in the South African gold mining industry, extracting gold primarily from deep-level underground mines. Despite their long legacy, DRDGOLD embraces modern practices and innovation to ensure future viability.


The company's primary focus is on surface gold tailings retreatment, a process that involves extracting gold from waste material generated by previous mining operations. This approach allows DRDGOLD to recover gold from existing mine dumps and tailings storage facilities, reducing the environmental footprint associated with traditional underground mining methods. By utilizing innovative technologies and processes, DRDGOLD has become a pioneer in tailings retreatment, unlocking significant value from previously overlooked resources.


The company operates four underground gold mines in South Africa, all situated along the Witwatersrand Basin, a prolific gold-bearing region. These mines contribute a steady stream of gold production for DRDGOLD. Beyond maintaining their existing operations, they actively explore for new gold opportunities within the Witwatersrand Basin to replenish their resource base.


However, DRDGOLD recognizes the challenges of deep-level underground mining. They are taking a two-pronged approach to ensure long-term sustainability. First, they prioritize operational efficiency and implementing new technologies to improve safety and productivity within their existing mines.


Secondly, DRDGOLD is at the forefront of exploring shallower gold deposits that can be mined using more cost-effective methods. This includes their involvement in the development of the Young African Renewal Project, a large-scale shallow gold deposit project with the potential to significantly extend their gold mining lifespan.




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