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DIRTT Environmental Solutions Ltd. is a technology-driven manufacturer of highly customizable interior construction solutions. The company's acronym stands for "Doing It Right This Time," and it is known for its commitment to sustainability and innovation. DIRTT was founded in 2004 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, by Mogens Smed, who also founded Steelcase's Canadian unit in the 1970s.


DIRTT's interior construction solutions are designed to be highly flexible and customizable, allowing clients to design and modify their spaces quickly and efficiently. DIRTT's products include walls, millwork, power and data systems, and other interior construction components. The company utilizes proprietary technology, such as its ICE software, to create 3D models of a client's space and quickly manufacture and assemble the necessary components.


The ICE software is at the core of DIRTT's business model. It allows DIRTT to design, manufacture, and install its products in a way that is faster, more efficient, and more sustainable than traditional construction methods. The software also enables clients to visualize their space in 3D and make changes to the design in real-time. DIRTT's products are manufactured in the company's factories and then shipped to the client's location for assembly.


DIRTT's commitment to sustainability is a key aspect of its business. The company's products are designed to be highly energy-efficient, and the company utilizes sustainable materials and manufacturing processes whenever possible. DIRTT's modular approach to interior construction also minimizes waste, as components can be reused or repurposed as needed. The company has received numerous awards for its commitment to sustainability, including the Green Good Design Award from the European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies and The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design.


DIRTT's client base includes businesses in a variety of industries, including healthcare, education, and hospitality. The company has completed projects for clients such as the Mayo Clinic, Google, and Coca-Cola. DIRTT has offices in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, and its products are sold through a network of distribution partners. The company has also established a presence in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe, and is actively seeking new opportunities for expansion.



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