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DXC Technology is a multinational corporation that provides a range of IT services, including consulting, systems integration, outsourcing, and software development. The company was founded in 2017 as a result of a merger between Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) and the Enterprise Services business of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). DXC Technology is headquartered in Tysons, Virginia, and operates in over 70 countries around the world. The company has a diverse client base, including many of the world's largest corporations in sectors such as healthcare, finance, and technology.


DXC Technology's services are grouped into three main areas: Enterprise Technology Stack, Cloud & Platform Services, and Analytics & AI. The Enterprise Technology Stack includes solutions for modernizing legacy systems, managing data centers, and improving cybersecurity. Cloud & Platform Services provide consulting and support for companies looking to migrate to cloud-based systems, while Analytics & AI offer a range of solutions for processing and analyzing large amounts of data.


DXC Technology has made a number of strategic acquisitions in recent years to expand its capabilities in areas such as cloud computing, cybersecurity, and analytics. In 2020, the company acquired Luxoft Holding, a software development company that specializes in digital solutions for industries such as automotive and healthcare. This acquisition allowed DXC Technology to expand its offerings in the areas of AI and machine learning.


Despite its size and global reach, DXC Technology has faced some challenges in recent years. In 2019, the company announced that it would be cutting its workforce by around 4,500 employees as part of a restructuring effort aimed at reducing costs and improving profitability. The COVID-19 pandemic also had an impact on DXC Technology's operations, with the company reporting a decline in revenue in 2020 due to lower demand for its services.


DXC Technology is focusing on expanding its capabilities in areas such as cloud computing, digital transformation, and cybersecurity. The company is also exploring partnerships with other technology companies to help it stay at the forefront of innovation in the IT industry.



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