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Eventbrite is a technology platform that provides event management and ticketing services to event organizers. The company was founded in 2006 by Julia Hartz, Kevin Hartz, and Renaud Visage. The platform enables organizers to create and manage events, sell tickets, and promote their events through social media and email marketing. It also provides attendees with an easy way to discover and purchase tickets to events they are interested in attending.


Eventbrite's platform is designed to be user-friendly for both organizers and attendees. Organizers can customize their event pages and tickets to match their branding and specific event needs. Attendees can browse events by location, category, or date, and purchase tickets directly from the platform. Eventbrite offers a variety of features to enhance the event experience, such as mobile ticketing, reserved seating, and check-in tools.


The company has grown significantly since its founding, with over 900 employees and offices in multiple countries. Eventbrite went public in 2018 and is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol EB. In addition to its core event management and ticketing services, Eventbrite has expanded its offerings to include marketing and data analytics tools for organizers.


Eventbrite has served a wide range of events, from music festivals and conferences to fundraisers and food festivals. The company has also been involved in organizing events for charitable causes, such as benefit concerts and disaster relief efforts. With its focus on creating a seamless event experience for both organizers and attendees, Eventbrite has become a popular platform for events of all sizes and types.



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