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Eldorado Gold Corporation, founded in 2005, is a Canadian gold exploration and development company with its sights set on high-grade gold deposits in Turkey. Their primary focus centers on the development of their flagship asset, the Kisladag Project, located in a prolific gold district of western Turkey.


The Kisladag Project holds the potential to be a significant gold mine, boasting large reserves of high-grade gold. Eldorado Gold is actively working towards achieving commercial production at the project. In 2023, they achieved a major milestone by securing a construction license, a critical step towards development.


Beyond the Kisladag Project, Eldorado Gold also holds other promising gold exploration properties in Turkey. Their portfolio includes the Efkran and Spil Mountain projects, which offer further exploration and development opportunities.


Eldorado Gold prioritizes social responsibility and environmental stewardship throughout its operations. They actively engage with local communities and implement measures to minimize their environmental impact. Transparency and accountability are cornerstones of their approach, with information readily available on their website.


Looking ahead, Eldorado Gold's primary objective is to advance the Kisladag Project towards construction and ultimately, production. Their success hinges on securing financing for the next stages of development and navigating the complexities of permitting and construction in Turkey. If they can achieve commercial production at Kisladag, Eldorado Gold has the potential to become a mid-tier gold producer.



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