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Embark Technology Inc. is a self-driving truck technology company that was founded in 2016 and is based in San Francisco, California. The company is focused on developing autonomous trucking technology that will revolutionize the transportation industry. Embark's mission is to make the world a safer and more efficient place by enabling the safe, reliable, and cost-effective movement of goods.


Embark's technology is designed to enable trucks to operate safely and efficiently without human intervention. The company's autonomous driving system combines sensors, machine learning algorithms, and advanced computing power to enable trucks to navigate complex environments and make real-time decisions. Embark's technology is designed to work in all weather conditions and to operate safely in a variety of traffic situations.


Embark has a strong team of engineers, data scientists, and business professionals who are dedicated to advancing the company's mission. The company has received funding from several sources, including venture capital firms and strategic investors in the transportation and logistics industries.


Embark is committed to advancing the adoption of autonomous driving technology in the trucking industry. The company is actively working with regulators and policymakers to ensure that its technology is safe and reliable, and it is collaborating with industry partners to help shape the future of autonomous trucking.



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