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Enbridge Inc. is a Canadian multinational energy transportation company that was founded in 1949 and is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. The company is engaged in the transportation, distribution, and generation of energy across North America. Enbridge's mission is to safely and reliably deliver the energy that people need and want.


Enbridge operates a vast network of pipelines that transport crude oil, natural gas, and other liquids across North America. The company's pipeline network extends over 17,000 miles and includes pipelines that transport oil and gas from production sites to refineries and markets.


In addition to its pipeline operations, Enbridge is also involved in the generation of renewable energy. The company owns and operates several wind and solar power facilities across North America.


Enbridge is committed to safety and has implemented a comprehensive safety program that includes training, regular inspections, and emergency response plans. The company also invests heavily in infrastructure maintenance and modernization to ensure the safe and reliable operation of its pipeline network.


Enbridge is also committed to environmental stewardship and has set ambitious goals to reduce its environmental impact. The company has made significant investments in renewable energy and is working to reduce emissions from its operations. Enbridge is also committed to working with its customers to develop new solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the energy value chain.



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