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Eton Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a specialty pharmaceutical company founded in 2017 and headquartered in Deer Park, Illinois. The company is focused on developing and commercializing innovative pharmaceutical products that address unmet medical needs. Eton is dedicated to improving patient outcomes by bringing high-quality, cost-effective products to market.


Eton's product portfolio includes drugs for a variety of conditions such as meningitis, migraine headaches, and allergy-related disorders. The company is focused on developing both branded and generic drugs, with a focus on sterile injectable drugs. Their lead product candidate is an injectable formulation of hydrocortisone, which is used to treat adrenal insufficiency.


Eton is committed to developing products that are safe and effective. The company has a robust quality control system that ensures that its products meet regulatory standards. In addition, Eton is committed to ensuring that its products are manufactured in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.


The company has a strong pipeline of product candidates in various stages of development. In addition to hydrocortisone, Eton is developing a nasal spray for the treatment of migraines and a sterile injectable drug for the treatment of anaphylaxis. Eton's pipeline also includes products for the treatment of serious infections, pain, and inflammation.


Eton is dedicated to partnering with healthcare providers and other stakeholders to improve patient outcomes. The company is committed to conducting clinical trials that are designed to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of its products. Eton also works closely with regulatory agencies to ensure that its products meet the highest standards of quality and safety.



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