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Fabrinet, founded in 1999, is more than just a manufacturing company. They are a trusted partner for demanding original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), specializing in high-mix, any-volume production of complex optical, electro-optical, and electronic components. Their global reach and dedication to quality have made them a key player in diverse industries like telecommunications, automotive, industrial laser, and medical devices.


Fabrinet's expertise lies in precision. They excel in advanced optical packaging, printed circuit board assembly (PCBA), and electro-mechanical processes. Their facilities in the United States, United Kingdom, China, Thailand, and Israel house state-of-the-art equipment and skilled personnel, ensuring the highest quality standards are met. This commitment to precision translates to reliable, high-performance products for their customers.


Beyond manufacturing, Fabrinet emphasizes flexibility and customization. They understand that OEMs have diverse needs, and their production lines are designed to adapt quickly. This allows them to handle low-volume, high-complexity projects efficiently, while also scaling up seamlessly for high-volume production. Whether it's a quick-turn prototype or a large-scale manufacturing run, Fabrinet can deliver.


Fabrinet recognizes the importance of strong partnerships. They work closely with their customers throughout the entire process, from design and development to manufacturing and logistics. This collaboration ensures that the final product meets the specific needs and expectations of each client. Additionally, Fabrinet is committed to intellectual property (IP) protection, giving their partners peace of mind that their designs and technologies are safeguarded.



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